Ewan Lamont and Dr Gavin Rummery founded Legendary Games in November 2010 to introduce a series of online strategy games into the growing social games market. Both have a keen interest in board games as well as video games and had a shared vision of where social games are moving to in the next few years.

Our Mission

  • Build Social Games and Phone applications that are truly social. Players should play with other people.
  • Involve the Community in our game production. People love games and want to be involved, we love games and want to involve them.
  • Ensure our technology supports online play on any internet enabled device, from Console to Kindle.
  • To keep up to date with the latest developments, and provide feedback and suggestions, please visit our Legendary Facebook Page.

    Ewan Lamont

    Chief Executive Officer

    Ewan is the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of Legendary Games. Ewan leads all strategic, operational and tactical decisions and all management, financial and product development activities.

    Prior to Legendary Games he was the Senior Producer and Programme Manager for Monumental Games.

    Ewan is an accredited Project Manager specialising in business change and new start-ups with many years experience in different business environments including retail, game creation and automotive. He has managed the creation of three start-up businesses including a £5 million Vehicle Data Supplier and re-launching pen and paper RPG Warhammer Fantasy Role play. He has a Masters Degree in Archaeological research from the University of Nottingham and a Masters Degree with honours in Classical Civilisations and Archaeology from the University of Glasgow.

    Dr Gavin Rummery

    Chief Technical Officer

    Gavin is the Chief Technical Officer and a co-founder of Legendary Games. He oversees all technical, R&D, product, tools and software development decisions.

    Gavin has had a wide ranging game development experience spanning 16 years, including the original Tomb Raider games. Prior to Legendary Games Gavin was the Technical Director of Monumental Games' online division.

    Gavin graduated from Trinity College Cambridge with a PhD in Machine Learning and a 1st Class Honours MA in Electronic Information Systems Technology. He has been in Technical Director roles for the last 8 years, but also has a strong design bent and specialises in game play coding and creating re-usable, flexible codebases. Recent roles have been in developing social games combining web and 3D components.