Vayu Air Elementals winning a skirmish against the Prithvi Earth Elementals! The campaign map shows the territories taken in your battle for Loka! Jala Water Elementals attempt to conquer the Crystal Mountains The Home screen summarises your progress

Join the Battle for Loka

Shuuro: Wrath of the Elements is the online version of the board game created by award-winning former Warhammer designer Alessio Cavatore.

Shuuro is a variant on chess, but where players are not assigned a fixed set of pieces. Instead they are free to choose what pieces they are going to deploy, creating an army that best suits their skills and tactics. Players take their turns at their own pace, with up to 24 hours to decide their moves, but also with the ability to play 'live' against opponents who are online at the same time.

Wrath of the Elements uses the elemental powers theme from the follow up expansion to Shuuro, "Turanga". You play online against other players to expand your empire in your bid to take control of the World of Loka!

The game is designed to be playable on any device that has an internet browser, including laptops, smart-phones and tablet computers.